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Reconstruction of flat roofs with the RpSt system

To prepare a quotation for the roofing of a flat roof of a residential building using the RpSt system we need:

Reconstruction of flat roofs with the RpSt system

-customer name

-contact details (email, phone number so that we can contact you and arrange a tour of the property)
-place of construction
-project documentation of the existing condition (if available)
-possible requirements for the roofing method of the building (gable or hipped roof, roofing of elevator machine rooms, etc.)

On the basis of the inspection, the building measurement and your requirements, we will prepare a quotation in the form ofan itemized budget, which includes all items necessary for the reconstruction of the roof with the RpSt system on a "turnkey" basis (i.e. including the processing of project documentation, the processing of the building permit and the building approval). The quotation includes a visualisation of the building with the RpSt roof already fitted, not only for the customer's better idea, but also for possible negotiations with the relevant municipal architects and planning departments).

We handle the quotation process with great care and attention to detail. If you do not understand something in the price quotation, please contact us, we will be happy to explain it to you.

The preparation of the quotation is free of charge.

If you choose to accept our offer for implementation, the selected designer will come againto your house and carry out a thorough measurement of the actual dimensions for the preparation of the project documentation for the building permit and the implementation documentation.

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