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LVL - laminated veneer lumber

For when other wooden materials are no longer enough...

Ultralam comparison

LVL belongs to a group of wood products that are engineered to improve the already existing properties of grown wood. Parallel layered veneers are glued together in a homogeneous unit with excellent strength and invariable quality properties by a rather demanding technological process.

Glued lumber is 2 times stronger than conventional lumber. By being laminated together from thin veneers, it is straight and does not warp like grown wood.

Ultralam production

The mutual waterproof bonding of the 3.2 mm thin layers results in a beam with minimal influence of growth defects on the strength.

LVL laminated lumber with its properties and strength parameters outperforms both natural grown lumber and BSH glued lumber.

We specialize in LVL distribution and subsequent diversification according to individual customer requirements. Our range includes all standard thicknesses (27,39,45,51,63,75mm) in the 1.25 x 12m format. From these formats we prepare cross-sections according to the customer's wishes.

We are able to solve even small orders such as lintels for wooden buildings.

Possible areas of application of LVL

House possible use