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Gang-nail trusses


In order to prepare a quotation for trusses we need:
• customer or company name
obr2.png-contact details (email for sending a quotation and a phone number is also suitable, so that we can possibly send you a quotation)we can call you to complete the information for the quote)
-location of the building, or parcel number (for accurate determination of climatic loads - snow, wind)

-project documentation (floor plan, sections, views and drawing of the roof and frame - if available)
-possible requirements for the creation of attic (storage) space

On the basis of the submitted documents, using specialized software, we will design the truss structure, determine the dimensions of the wooden elements of the trusses and the contact plates. This is how we will calculate the material consumption for the truss frame you have specified. Material consumption always depends on the shape and dimensions of the roof, the span and load of the trusses (on the composition and weight of the roof sheathing and soffit, snow and wind area), the creation and load of the attic space, etc. According to the material consumption, the price of the trusses is calculated. Because the price of trusses is dependent on many factors, it cannot be easily determined without this calculation. Therefore, the price of seemingly identical roofs may also differ, as some parameters of these roofs will differ slightly.

We handle the quotation process with great care and attention to detail. If you do not understand something in the price quotation, please contact us, we will be happy to explain it to you.

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