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LVL - glued laminated timberLVL - laminated veneer lumber

To prepare a price quotation for LVL, we need:
• customer or company name
• contact information (email for sending the price quotation, a phone number is also suitable so that we can call you and fill in the information needed for processing the price quotation)
• list of required elements (thickness, width, length, number of pieces)
• if you do not have an exact list, send a project or other drawing of the structure and our structural engineers will try to help you
• place of delivery due to shipping pricing

Based on the submitted documents, we will prepare a price quote. The decisive aspect is not only the amount of ordered material, but also its dimensions and thus the layout in the basic format of 1.25 x 12.0 m. We stock all basic LVL thicknesses (27, 39, 45, 51, 63, 75 mm).

The price quotation includes the price of the material, the price of cutting (based on the number of linear meters of longitudinal and transverse cuts) and the price of transport.

The preparation of the quotation is free of charge.

We will of course provide you with technical support.

Thanks our well-stocked warehouse, we usually process orders within one week. Upon agreement - even faster.

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