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Company history

Our team

The beginnings of the company STRECHY 92, s.r.o. date back to 2010, when it was founded as a branch of the Czech parent company STRECHY 92, s.r.o.

This connection guarantees a strong background not only in the field of technology and production, but also in the field of human resources. The company uses the production hall of the Czech partner in Vlachovice (near the Slovak border), which is one of the most modern in Europe in the field of production of wooden trusses. Another advantage is the possibility of working with a team of structural engineers and designers with many years of experience in the field of wooden structures.

From the beginning, the company's activity has been oriented (similarly to the Czech partner) to two main areas:

  • - reconstruction of flat roofs using RpSt technology on the original roofs of panel houses.
  • - production of wooden lattice trusses with contact plates with pressed tips and other related activities.


The primary goal of the entire company is to maintain its position in the construction industry, gained after many years of activity, and continue to be a guarantee of quality, reliability and security for every customer and business partner.

Our team

Our priorities are:

  • The quality of the executed work
  • Fulfilment of customer requirements and needs
  • Always interact with partners in a friendly and accommodating way.

  • Provision of comprehensive services for customers, from the processing of all stages of project documentation to the construction itself
  • Employ only the best employees in the company in order to be able to guarantee of high-quality work

The fact that the long-term chosen strategy is correct is indicated by the growing number of investors and designers who repeatedly turn to our company.